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Air Conditioner Theft in Amarillo

Keep your air conditioner safe and secure from thieves with the Whip® from APS Security.

The device attaches to the existing service valve of your air conditioner system. It is then connected to your security system by a security cable or a wireless transmitter. It constantly monitors the pressure inside the copper lines and coils of your air conditioner. When the thief cuts the copper the pressure drops and The Whip® then activates your security system.

Replacing your air conditioner can cost THOUSANDS of dollars. 
Many insurance companies are not covering the losses of unprotected air conditioners anymore. Don't wait until it is too late;

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Our Mission! is to enhance and simplify your life. We provide Smart Home Technology solutions in Security & life safety, Energy Management, Home Automation and simple to use. Smart TVs, Streaming Services, Apple & Droid Devices (iPad/iPhone/Android) combined with 4G networks will continue to move yesterday’s “future vision” into your living room your office and your vehicle.

Our Professional clients on the Systems side of our Business include Amarillo owned Custom Home Builders, DIY’ers and Homeowners. Our Tech Solutions can be tailored from small to large renovations and importantly remain budget sensitive. Safety, Sound and Control might not cost as much as you think!!!

Our product solutions are based on relationships with select manufacturers that offer affordable solutions that meet a demanding consumer base. Members of the APS Security Team have been in both the electronics manufacturing world and the Security business for this very reason, Relationships with vendors allows us to pass on huge savings to you and gain you as a customer happy to recommend us again and again.



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