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How to Choose the Best Home Security Camera

Home security cameras are a valuable addition to your home security system.  But, should you use wireless security cameras, or wired? Both wireless and wired systems can provide live video continuously stored on memory cards or in the internet “cloud.”  If video is stored offsite, in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about your memory card filling up or getting damaged. Live video and images can be accessed by a computer, tablet or a smartphone, from wherever you are as long as you have internet access. This means you can monitor live or recorded video while you are at work or on vacation.

Choosing the right type of camera depends on the area you want to monitor. High definition cameras capture images at a higher resolution and with better clarity especially when enlarging images of faces, license plates, and other important details. Infrared or “night vision” cameras are able to see images in low light situations. Other features available with home security cameras include a wide field of view, pan and zoom, motion detection, remote access, etc.

How Wireless Home Security Cameras Work

Wireless security cameras allow you to capture clear images and video in and around your house without a cable connection and sends them to a viewing device. Each security camera has a radio transmitter and uses Wi-Fi signals to send signals to the control unit.  Some wireless security cameras are totally wireless using batteries for power and memory cards. Others use wires for power, but still use Wi-Fi for the data connection, which simplifies installation, and can use the cloud for storage.

 Wireless Home Security Camera Amarillo TX

Wireless Security Camera Advantages

Wireless cameras have some advantages over traditional hard-wired solutions.   They have a lower installation cost, less invasive wiring and the flexibility to move them around in your house.  Battery powered wireless cameras typically use SD memory cards for a limited amount of storage. Others use Wi-Fi for video, but wires for power and typically use the cloud for more security, reliability, and higher storage capacity.  


Wired Home Security Camera Advantages

Like wireless security cameras, you can view live images and video from your smartphone or other remote device and can also use the cloud for storage. Wired systems are typically more reliable than wireless cameras, because they do not depend on the strength of a Wi-Fi signal.  Wireless cameras use the same radio frequencies as other wireless devices around the home and are susceptible to interference from other devices or static. The farther the distance the camera is from the control unit, the more interference can occur. A fully wired security camera system is not susceptible to radio interference and is not dependent upon a Wi-Fi signal.

Home Security Cameras Amarillo TX

Wired home security cameras are beneficial for ultimate security. To consistently monitor an area, security cameras need to run streaming video 24/7.  Some cameras have pan and zoom features, which take more power. With a wired system, you never have to worry about a battery running down at a critical moment. Wired camera systems can connect with more cameras than wireless systems. Wireless will only hold up to four cameras, but wired systems can connect with eight or more cameras.


Deciding Between Wired or Wireless Security Cameras

The best place to start in choosing the right home security camera system is contacting a security professional for a free analysis of your home protection needs. When you call Amarillo Protective Services, one of our experts will do an analysis of your area and provide you with solution options that best fit your protection needs and budget. To schedule your free in-home analysis or learn more about our home security camera systems, email us or give us a call at (806) 371-3400.

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