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Why Smart Home Automation is a Smart Investment

What is a Smart Home

A Smart Home is a home automation system that provides added safety, security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficient living. Smart Home software is controlled from the home or remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Until the early 2000’s, a fully operating smart home was a futuristic fantasy. Today, controlling all aspects of your home, including your smart home security system, lighting, heating, air conditioning, home theater, and home electronics is an affordable option. With the internet and advancements in electronics, smart home automation is not only feasible at a reasonable cost, but a true practical investment for your home.

Planning Your Smart Home Automation

The key to a well-planned smart home is having the various aspects and components working together as a system that is controllable within the home and remotely. It should be expandable and changeable as your needs grow and change and be compatible with the latest technology utilized in major appliances and in-home devices. Planning your smart home system can help you avoid ending up with a mixture of incompatible systems and devices that each use a separate controller.

Smart Home Security Systems

Home security systems are often the first stage of smart home automation. Home automation that is connected to your security system gives you the ability to remotely monitor and control your security cameras, security alarms, and locks. With smart home automation, your home can detect when you have left your house. At that point, the system will automatically set up your security parameters.

Smart Homes also provide peace of mind and ease your worries about forgetting to close or lock doors. You can use your smartphone to check if your garage door is closed. When you come home, the system can unlock the doors for you and reset the security parameters. This is convenient for when you are home alone, with small children, or the whole family. For older kids who are old enough to be home alone after school, your smart home can help you have the peace of mind they are safe and secure. You will receive an alert if there is unusual activity. If you are concerned, you can also remotely check your indoor and outdoor home security cameras to see what is going on and have two-way conversations with those in your home.


Home automation also allows you to control who accesses your house when you are away. You can give immediate access to a friend or neighbor when you are not available to give them a key by unlocking the door from a control system on your phone. Each person can enter your home with a unique access code. When someone rings your doorbell, you can see and speak with them through your phone, as if you were home.

More sophisticated systems change based on adaptive learning. This means that the automation and control system will learn your normal living pattern and sends you an alert if something is out of the ordinary. This feature is especially useful if you are monitoring elderly parents who are living independently at their home.

Smart Home Automation Climate Control

Automated temperature control allows you to adjust your thermostat based on the time of day. The home’s temperature will automatically change at night and during the day. A smart home also detects and adjusts the settings for when no one is home. System preferences can be different for different days of the week. This means you can make adjustments to feel more comfortable when you are home during the week and during different hours on weekends. If you want to change the current temperature in your home while you are away from it, you can increase or decrease the temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Having control over the climate in your home also helps you save money on your heating and cooling costs.


Smart Home Automation Lighting

You can set your smart home to activate indoor and outdoor lighting based on time of day and your activity. No more coming home to a dark house. As a home security measure, you can have different lights in your home come on and off at various times to simulate someone being home. You can also pre-adjust lighting in your home to set different moods. For example, you could have a pre-set adjustment for dinner lighting for guests. Then, when it is time, you press a button on your smart phone and the room and table lighting automatically adjust to those settings you predetermined. You can do this for any room in your home; bedroom, theatre room, etc. You can even adjust your outdoor lighting so that you have that “just right” mood lighting, music, and TV when you have friends over for an evening cookout on the patio.

Smart Home Automation for Your Home Theater

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can control your home theater environment. Every device can be preset so that a single command will open your hidden big screen TV, adjust the blinds, set the room lighting, adjust the sound system for theater mode, and even change the room temperature for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Watch for our upcoming tips on how to make the most of your home theater.


Smart Home Electronic Efficiency

Imagine having freshly brewed coffee automatically made and ready for you when you wake in the morning. This is one way your home automation can make your life more enjoyable and efficient. Smart Home technology can also help you keep an inventory of your refrigerator contents. When you are running low on specific groceries, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also turn specific devices in your home on and off, either manually or set on an automatic timer. This means when you are on vacation, away from your house, or maintaining a second home, it can appear as if someone is living in the residence without a person physically being there. Adjusting which appliances are on, and conveniently shutting them off, can also save money on your annual energy costs.

Smart Home Automation Made Easy

Investing in your home is a smart choice. When you call Amarillo Protective Services, one of our smart home experts will work with you to explain all the various features and functions available for smart home automation. We will help you develop a system that will meet your current needs and fit within budget. Our systems work for any size home and provide for future expandability.

Please call us at (806) 371-3400 for a free, no obligation, smart home automation consultation. Amarillo Protective Services has been offering the most recognized brands in smart home and home security technology since 2006. We are dedicated to helping residents and businesses in Amarillo, and the surrounding areas, live with greater safety, security, and efficiency at affordable costs.