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Smart Home Security for Elderly Parents

If you have elderly parents who are living in their own home, you may be fortunate enough to live near them and able to check on them regularly. Living far away while caring for an aging parent is a challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply use your smartphone or laptop to be able to monitor your aging parent’s safety?  


Smart Home Security and Wellness Monitoring Can Be a Non-Life Changing Event for Elderly Parents

When you call your elderly parents, they will often tell you everything is fine because they don’t want to be a bother.  But is everything really ok? As work responsibilities grow and your kids’ activities increase, you have less spare time to check on your elderly parents at a time when they may need to be checked on more often. Normally, the next step is to pay for live-in home care, or they leave their home for an assisted care facility. What your parents really want is a non-life changing event that enables them to continue living as they have been.  Investing in a smart home security system could add years to your elderly parents’ ability to stay in their own home, without feeling like an unnecessary burden on you.

What To Look For in a Smart Home Security System for Elderly Parents

Finding the best smart home security system for you means looking at your current lifestyle to find the equipment that will fall in line with your busy schedule. Some systems are more user-friendly and easier to operate than others. Knowing how to use your system is helps you make the most of it and use it quickly to check in on your parents. Some systems have 24 hour monitoring and recording with video and sensors. Other smart home systems are designed to continue functioning during a power outage, without a landline telephone, or without an internet connection. There is a wide variety of features for smart home security cameras, including night vision, wide angle, and high definition. These features change your visibility quality, so you can clearly monitor what is going on outside and inside of your parents’ home both day and night.  

Electrical devices in the home, including lighting, heating and air conditioning, and small appliances, can be virtually monitored, keeping your elderly parent safer. With a smart home security system you know if a coffee pot has been left on or shut off. If needed, you can turn it off yourself, remotely using your smartphone.  Other notifications are also available for additional security, such as alerts when a garage door is up at a time it should not be, or if doors are not locked at night. If you need to put the garage door down yourself and lock the house doors, can you - from your smartphone. Notifications will also be sent to your smartphone if any security alarms go off. You can view the camera through the phone, to see what is going on.  

Saftey Starts at the Door

A video doorbell allows you to see who is ringing the doorbell before your parent even gets to the door to answer it.  A smart home security system can even learn your elderly parent’s normal activity and alert you if there is something unusual occurring. You can have a two-way conversation with them through their security system.  These are examples of just a few of the things you can do with a smart home security system for your elderly parents. Ask a security specialist for more features and benefits.


Enhanced Wellness Monitoring for Elderly Parents

A smart home security and wellness system can show you when, and for how long, your elderly parents are in bed or sitting in their favorite chair. With intelligent sensors, you can monitor motion activity throughout the house. Lights can be programmed to automatically turn on and off to correspond with your elderly parents’ normal routine. Daily activity and movement reports can be viewed on your smart phone, iPad, or computer.  

Personal Emergency Response pendants are a popular safety feature for elderly parents.  Your parent can summon a 24 hour help monitor center and you will automatically be alerted, too.  But with Wellness monitoring, it can also anticipate an unusual situation or activity and summon help without the need for the button being pressed.  It can also summon an emergency help center if you do not respond in a set time.

A Smart Home Security System Gives You Peace of Mind and Quality of Life

A smart home security and wellness monitoring system for your elderly parents can provide peace of mind for both you and your parents to extend their quality of life. While you're on the go with business, travel, or life's responsibilities, you can view your parent's current activity at home and safety through your laptop or smart phone. 

Capabilities of a Smart Home Security and Wellness Monitoring System for Elderly Parents

Talk to a home security Specialist, like those at Amarillo Protective Services, about the capabilities of a smart home security and wellness monitoring system for your elderly parents.  The right Specialist will work with you to determine your needs, explain all of your options. After the system is installed, be sure you and your parents know what it does and how to operate it.

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