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Safe & Remote Access


CASH VAULT safes offer plate steel with simple functionality for excellent security and quality. With a variety of sizes to fit almost any valuables.

THE FLAME VAULT SERIES safes are built using the latest modern technology and materials, protecting papers, documents, photos and more.

OUR GUN SAFES will give you peace of mind knowing your firearms are safe from burglary, fire and children.

FLOOR SAFES brute force protection is important, but a thief can’t steal what he can’t find. Install into concrete and level with the floor. A thief could walk right over it and never know it’s there.


APS Security Ltd will provide your home with the latest in security technology. In addition we will arrange for a security orientation and quality control check of your security system.

As part of the security orientation, a Amarillo Protective Services representative will come to your home (FREE of charge) to provide you with the key to unlocking all the features and benefits of your new built-in system including:

  • Explanation of system operation
  • Removal of all preset codes
  • Show you how to set user codes
  • Complete quality control check
  • Provide you an instruction manual
  • Answering any questions
  • Customizing your system for the safety and protection of your family


APS Security Ltd shows you how your home security does more than just protect and connect you to your home from around the corner or around the world…

  • Total remote access and system control via a web enabled phone, tablet or laptop
  • Wireless connectivity for home monitoring without a land line phone
  • Email, push notifications, and text messaging for alarm notifications and reminders
  • Two way voice capability
  • Wireless cameras - for a live look-in, or event-driven video clips
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